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Paul Page

General Manager

Paul came to the club from Indianapolis in February 2006. He and his three children, Paulo, Breanna, and Mary, are entrenched in club activities and in the community. Paul is like the glue, keeping all activities and staff functions together moving in the right direction.

Robyn Withers


Robyn grew up in Hartford City Indiana and moved to Lafayette in 1982 and a year later she married Steve Withers and started a family. While raising two children, Robyn worked 23 years in the mortgage lending division of several local banks. Looking for a change and an opportunity to lower stress her life, Robyn decided to look for a part time job that she could utilize her experience while cutting back on her work load. She found that opportunity through a local temp agency here at the Club. She started at the Club in 2005 as a part time accounting assistant and with a change in management in 2006, Robyn was asked to take over the position of controller. Amazingly, she was able to take on more responsibility and through efficient organization of duties, her hours only increased marginally. Over the last four years, Robyn has streamlined our accounting practices and procedures therefore lowering administrative cost while providing excellent customer service. She takes pride in her work and it shows..

Michael David

Executive Chef

Michael "Mick" David was born in Columbus Indiana and has been involved in the food service industry since he was 13: working his way through small restaurants in Nashville and Bloomington. After earning a B.A. in Accounting from Marian College in 1990, Mick's reticence to jump straight into the suit and tie routine, kept him in the kitchen whites with a Sous Chef position at Peter's Restaurant in Indianapolis. His dishes have been featured in articles and reviews from all of the major publishers in Indy. Mick exudes an excitement for food and it's preparation that goes beyond his professional day. The same infectious enthusiasm can be found in his commitment for sharing his love for food with staff and patrons through discussions of specials and menu preparation.

Suzann Brouwer

Director of Catering

If you have had an event at the Lafayette Country Club in the last 20 years, Suzann has helped you with every aspect of planning. Suzann started with the Club in 1986 as the Banquet Secretary and over the years she has served in many different roles including Yearbook, Membership Relations, Event Specialist, Board of Directors Administrative Assistant and even Interim Club Manager. Her dedication to the members of the Lafayette Country Club is demonstrated in everything she does, from planning special events in their lives to just stopping by your table to say hi and see the kids. Many of Lafayette’s most memorable events have been celebrated at the Lafayette Country Club and Suzann made sure that they were first class. Contact her today to book your next event..

Matt Williamson

Director of Maintenance

The word dedicated can not even come close to describing Matt and his role at the Lafayette Country Club.  He started at the Club in 1979 and has served in every position except General Manager. He is the unseen force that keeps this 100 year old Club up and running after day after day. Matt started on the grounds crew and worked there for a few years until he was called into the kitchen. He really enjoyed the new experiences and learning from then Executive Chef Victor Bagan. Matt worked his way up from line cook to the position of Executive Sous Chef and also served as interim Executive Chef on four different occasions. In 2000, during a pivotal transition in the Club, Matt was asked to take over responsibilities for maintenance of the club and as usual he took a heads on approach.  Never one to turn down a request for help, Matt still helps out during all of our large events, whether it is in the kitchen cooking or out running a buffet line. Nothing happens in this club without Matt having a hand in it, we are truly lucky to have him as a vital part of this Club.

Board of Directors

Past Presidents

1909 - William V. Stuart 1964 - Jerome J. McTague
1910 - William V. Stuart 1965 - Lloyd L. Neuman
1911 - Severance Burrage 1966 - Maurice J. Ferriter
1912 - Charles W. Hickman 1967 - George H. DeVault
 1913 - Bennett Taylor  1968 - Jerome J. Steefaniak
1914 - L.M. Ellis  1969 - James C. Shook
 1915 - J.C. Dewenter  1970 - Kendall S. Smith
 1916 - A. C. Burnett  1971 - Allen C. Dibble
 1917 - John Wagner  1972 - William M. Decker
 1918 - H.W. Emerson  1973 - William G. Ikins
 1919 - Marshall Haywood  1974 - Frank M. Taylor
 1920 - Marshall Haywood  1975 - Maurice P. Lord, II
 1921 - C.R. Milford  1976 - Jewell V. Burk, Jr.
 1922 - Frederick Holmes  1977 - David H. Howarth
 1923 - Clyde H. Jones  1978 - Robert M. Whitsel
 1924 - W. G. Gude  1979 - Roger D. Branigin, Jr.
 1925 - William A. Callison  1980 - Richard R. Stanfield
1929 - Loomis Heston 1981 - Wilmer R. Files, Jr.
1934 - G.E. Bell 1982 - E. Dana Smith, Jr.
1935 - Winston H. Robbins 1983 - O. Fred Koning
1937 - D. M. Warren 1984 - Charles J. Hoover
1938 - O.E. Griest 1985 - Richard A. Boehning
1939 - George Brown 1986 - William R. Powers
1940 - C.H. Robertson 1987 - Craig W. Graham
1941 - C.H. Robertson 1988 - John E. McDonald
1942 - D.C. Mclelland 1989 - Robert E. Wright
1943 - D.C. Mclelland 1990 - James A. Bayley
1944 - T.E. Berg 1991 - Michael J. Bluestein
1945 - C.W. Shook & H.B. Kahle 1992 - Richard A. Kocerha
1946 - M.J. Eaton 1993 - James C. Shook, Jr.
1947 - Maurice G. Knoy 1994 - Maurice P. Lord, II
1948 - Walter Scholer, Jr. 1995 - James A. Andrew
1949 - L.A. Thise 1996 - James D. Schrader
1950 - Ralph M. Ohaver, Jr. 1997 - R.E. "Buffy" Mayerstein
1951 - William K. Creson 1998 - G. Barton Burrell
1952 - A.B. Gray 1999 - Steven F. Fields
1953 - Ernst Schaible 2000 - Thomas R. Walter
1954 - Harry B. Sammons

2001 - Ronald D. Reagan

1955 - Emmett Barrett 2002 - Stephen H. Shook
1956 - E. Joseph Bannon 2003 - David R. Moulton
1957 - Leslie E. Stearns 2004 - Thomas C
1958 - Lawrence A. O'Connor 2005 - Thomas C. Long
1959 - Burr Swezey, Jr. 2006 - Erik Skadberg
1960 - G. Walter Burnell, Jr. 2007 - Stephen R.Schreckengast
1961 - Henry Rosenthal 2008 - Douglas W. Eberle
1962 - Stanley Boughton 2009 - Gregory A. Foerg
1963 - George Dierstein 2010 - Gregory A. Foerg
  2011 - Edward M. Sammons
  2012 - Edward M. Sammons



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